Maint-Kleen Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2002 as a consistent and high quality option for the cleaning services in Singapore. We design our business and processes to specifically cater to clients' needs.

We demonstrate professionalism, knowledge and resource capability.

The company recognises that operative leadership and commitment at senior levels are essential to reach and maintain the vision of being a high quality service provider, and will seek to maintain that.

We service a highly diverse range of contracts including industrial, residential, commercial, government, education and public events.

Our sales team is professional and realistic. Our only promise is that we will deliver what we promise, only then can we develop a sustainable relationship with satisfied clients.

The key to our success rests on our industry commitment to training and development. We keep our wide range of cleaning systems updated and are in touch with the latest trends in the industry.

mustafa cleaning by maintkleen


To cater for a varied clientele with our wide spectrum of services.


To achieve maximum satisfaction from consumers and to provide them an ease of mind through constant and top quality service, leading by example while encouraging for fresh ideas.